The Setup Crew: Rise of the Runelords

The Catacombs of Wrath, Part I

Don't drink the water!

Journal of Szarali Mardos, Tiefling Stalker of Desna
Day 4

Today we went into the tunnels underneath the Glass place. I was totally brave, but I think the others were scared. Except the dwarf. It’s SO hard to tell his facial expressions through his beard!

The first thing we met was this weird looking thing, all pale and evil-smelling. We cut it to pieces easily, which didn’t make it smell any better, but at least it was dead. After that we found a room with a dried up old fountain with some icky looking black sludge. There was nothing else there, though, so we went into the next room. There were TWO MORE fountains in here! SOMEbody likes water!

The door closed behind us. I blame the human, since he’s always drunk anyway. Then we got attacked by this thing that at first I thought was a tiny succubus but turned out to be a quasit (demons all look alike to me). She didn’t even ASK if we wanted to be friends but just attacked! SO mean! Anyway, even though she made Gene look silly with her magic, we sliced her up good and I killed her pet spider! The dwarf was SOOO jealous! I just stuck my tongue out at him. He took the neat-looking dagger and all I got was a dress that was WAY too small for me!

After that we went back out the hallway and into a room with some stairs and a wooden platform. The ranger says it was a prison, but I didn’t see any prisoners. All I saw were two more pale-things. They were a little tougher than the first one. I totally broke a sweat! I am DEFINITELY going to need a bath when we get back! And I think the dwarf broke a few bones, but he never admits it. He needs a bath, too.

So, a few of us have some injuries between the pale-things and the succu-qwhatsit, so we’re taking a break. Write more later!



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