The Setup Crew: Rise of the Runelords

Adventure in the Glassworks

Or: I'll kick your glass if you don't give me loot!

The Innkeeper was missing. Oh no, the heavy drinkers of the Revengers adventuring group would not let that stand. Szarali, Grunyar, Gene, and Zirul let out an uproarious cry: REVENGERS ASSEMBLE!!

The group made haste to the Sandpoint Glassworks, where Ameiko Kaijitsu was known to be heading. Apparently her brother Tsuto had requested a meeting with her the previous evening. From the outside, the glassworks did not look as if it were doing business this day. Szarali used an expertly thrown grappling hook to look into the building through the skylight. She saw a body lying on the floor: Lonjiku, Ameiko’s father! The group, led by Grunyar, hurriedly entered the building only to be met by a wandering group of goblins!

The dwarf decided to ‘axe’ the goblins what they were up to; unfortunately the axe forgot the goblins had to be alive to answer. When the rest of the group entered, they found only smears of goblin blood everywhere. Lonjiku’s body had apparently been used as a sketch pad by the insane goblins, but nothing on it left a clue. The group pressed on into the glassworks.

Thoroughly searching the right-hand half of the establishment led to little in the way of answers or treasure, but Szarali did manage to find the elusive Jar, which she handed off to Gene, and one silver spoon that she hoped to turn into a musical pair. After meticulously checking behind every single door and finding no more than some gloves and tongs, the Revengers left to try the other side of the building.

They entered into the glassblowing room, where several goblins were gleefully throwing random items into the hot ovens. Despite being able to enter the room undetected, the Revengers were unable to turn that into much of a combat advantage. Szarali attempted to charge a goblin standing on a worktable, but was distracted by Grunyar’s beard and missed her attack! Said dwarf managed to flatten a poor goblin beneath his sturdy, well-armored body, while Zirul and Gene picked off two more with their ranged weapons. Recovering from beard-shock, Szarali slew a fourth before the remainder fled into the bowels of the factory.

The Revengers followed into the basement, where they discovered Ameiko tied up in a closet. After being revived by Zirul’s wand, she explained Tsuto’s betrayal. Informing them that he must still be nearby, the innkeeper insisted on making her own way back to the Rusty Dragon. She rewarded them for her rescue, though, promising free drinks at the tavern! Overjoyed, the Revengers went to finish the job and deal with Tsuto. They found him in a very small room surrounded by the cowardly goblins. The adventurers managed to lure the silly goblins out into the hall and slaughter them, but Tsuto proved more clever. He nimbly evaded the pincer formation of Grunyar and Szarali, ending up near Zirul who felt the bite of Tsuto’s sword.

The ranger wisely decided to back up and let Szarali step in, who slashed expertly at Tsuto. Seeing the Tiefling, blood dripping from her kukri, grinning mischievously at him was too much for Tsuto. He surrendered and informed the group that his crush, one Nualia, had set the fire that had burned the previous temple thingy. She was also behind the recent goblin attack on Sandpoint, but didn’t reveal her motives. The Revengers decided to take him back to Sheriff Hemlock and interrogate him.

Szarali was overjoyed to steal a pair of silver earrings from Tsuto, which she promptly had melted down and turned into a spoon. With the spoons and Gene’s jar, the band was swiftly coming together…



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