The Setup Crew: Rise of the Runelords

Heroes About Town

The stories of a crypt, a love affair, and a deliciously pulverized boar

As Szarali the bouncy and her companions took a few days to rest and acquaint themselves with the village of Sandpoint, things seemed to be taking a turn for the better for everyone. The town’s new cathedral received a solemn consecration and was opened to the townsfolk, who now laughed merrily in the memory of the savage goblin attack from earlier, mostly only remembering the stupidity of the brutes that ended up getting themselves killed and not more townsfolk.

Father Zantus had plans for the town’s new heroes, who dropped in on the bishop in the midst of being stuffed with free loaves of bread to find out what might require their expertise. The bishop and begun a secret investigation into the origin of the goblin’s attack on the town and had discovered during the ensuing panic, that someone had broken into the crypt of the previous bishop, Father Ezakien. He hoped that perhaps as a Ranger, Zirul might be able to provide some insight and possibly the beginnings of a trail to track the goblins and their leader to their hideaway. Needing no further invitation to adventure, the team accompanied Sheriff Belor Hemlock to the boneyard in hopes of unearthing some clues! Szarali was also eager to locate the mysterious and probably magical ‘A Jar’, which Father Zantus mentioned as being on the premises.

Unfortunately, evidence proved scant, with no jars to be found. But danger was in full supply! A skeleton duo had been left behind by the perpetrators and their job was to silence any who came snooping. The skeletons presented some challenge to the team, since Gene the gunslinger’s aim was off due to recent repairs, but Zirul and Grunyar the Barbarian were able to pull through with sheer muscle and determination! The aftermath revealed little else. The skeletons had been conjured via a Robe of Bones, the useless remains of which were pocketed by Gene to be made into a jacket. A Gene jacket if you will. Eh heh, eh heh, eh hehhh…. My humor is lost on you people. Zirul was able to trace the area around Father Ezakien’s tomb and found a few pairs of goblin footprints, accompanied by those of a human! Belor thanked the team for their work and asked them to stay quiet on the matter until more could be done. Father Zantus was appreciative as well and rewarded the team with a fully charged wand of cure light wounds for their service to the faith!

The following day provided adventure of a lighter fare. The town’s female population was of course abuzz regarding the appearance of such strong and handsome new males appearing in their town and Zirul the Ranger had climbed to number one on the hottie lists! This came with trouble, when the team was approached by the town hussy, Shayliss Vinder, implored the heroes to rid the cellars of her father’s general store of the unusually large and terrifying rats that had taken up residence there! The team agreed and Shayliss was overjoyed, clinging to Zirul like a cat to cheese! The group searched high and low, but found no signs of any rodent infestation. Shayliss meanwhile had managed to coerce Zirul into the cellars, whereupon, she put her full feminine charms on display for his approval. The Ranger attempted to refuse, but in the end his will was overridden and the pair retired to their passion on the basement’s floor. Upstairs the rest of the team helped themselves to some of th store’s finer items, when who should return but Shayliss’ father Ven! He was incredulous at the explanation of rats being the reason for the heroes appearance, as the store hadn’t dealt with such vermin in the years since Ven had owned the place! He went to the cellar to check again and was aghast to find his eldest daughter in the arms of a stranger from out of town! Turning red as a beet, the storekeep demanded an explanation. Shayliss now cornered, turned on her paramour and Ven expelled the adventurers wholesale from his shop in fury. Zirul’s reputation took a dip for the worse after the events, being dubbed a rake and womanizer.

Putting her quest for the holy jar on hold for a while, Szarali decided the team should consider taking up the offer of Aldern Foxglove for a reward for their rescue of him during the goblin attack. Said reward was to join the nobleman on a boar hunt in the nearby woodlands and the pleasure of a camping excursion. The affair was pleasant, with fine weather and riding with mounts provided by the gregarious noble. All the while he chatted away, taking turns pestering each member of the group with questions between making romantic overtures to his tiefling companion! Szarali seemed to not notice and the team told Aldern something of themselves, save for Grunyar who remained a grumpy gus. Their stories were jotted down by Aldern, who seemed to be trying to figure out what eactly went into the makings of a great hero and seemed to think that these notes might be of use to him. It fell to the Ranger to do the actual hunting and quick as a blink, Zirul scored some fresh tracks!

The party managed to find a fine fat boar rustling away for truffles and decided to take the beast by surprise! Zirul scored a fine arching shot that set the pig to panic, while Grunyar and Szarali readied themselves to blade the beast in the event of a charge. That proved unnecessary with a brilliant shot from Gene, which struck the boar in such a fashion that the choice cuts were perfectly separated as it came apart from sheer force! The group toasted their success over ribs and had some fine provisions for later travel, with Aldern taking a ham as a souvenir! The story of the hunt and the heroes courtesy to lord Foxglove also had the pleasant side effect of scrubbing away the nasty business with Vinder’s daughter!

But there was little time for rest! The second in command of the Rusty Dragon, Bethana Corwin, reported to the heroes that tavern owner Ameiko Kaijtsu had recently gone missing and feared the worst! Investigating Ameiko’s room that morning, Bethana found a note from her brother Tsuto, asking his sister to meet him at the glassworks at the outside of town the previous night, from which Ameiko had still not returned. Bethana implored to the heroes to investigate and they agreed to set off. It seems that the town of Sandpoint has much in store for its new celebrities….



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